Iphgenia Baal

Iphgenia Baal, Her Gallery
Iphgenia Baal, Her Gallery


On 13th January 2018 Baal read from Merced Es Benz and Fake Ass Bitch to coincide with Natalie Dray's exhibition be soft / be hard. Fake Ass Bitch was produced using quotations of online trolls via the comments section of Daily Mail readers in response to a series of images of Kim Kardashian. It was printed in an edition of 200 and was only available (free) for her gallery between 10th December 2017 and January 20th 2018. Baal's latest book Merced Es Benz is "a dysfunctional love affair, narrated via SMS, email, social media and internet search engines".

Iphgenia Baal is a writer. Published books include The Hardy Tree, Gentle Art and Merced Es Benz. For more info see