Coral Rose Kindred-Boothby

Susu Laroche herrretics
Susu Laroche herrretics
Susu Laroche herrretics


Handmade instrument by Coral Rose Kindred-Boothby. Using electrical circuits to evoke sounds from the old industrial space behind Coral's house, where the land was once carved by lead mining and limestone quarrying. It's now mostly overgrown, to varying degrees: birches, willows, hazels; st john's wort, marjoram; nettle and bramble.

“I’ve walked there often in the last couple of years of living here: through the lockdowns, in the snow, in the summer, at dawn, in the evening.

And I got to know it's sounds -- the wind in the trees -- the rusty metal structures -- the birds arguing -- the mine-shaft's echo -- the distant road -- the crickets in summer --

I've designed an instrument based on these sounds; based too on the idea of the place. It's a kind of modular synthesiser, in a way, just one with very esoteric 'modules' -- wind -- birds -- steps -- bees -- rust -- and more.”

The process of this project has been documented over the course of a residency with ArcadeCampfa, with sounds, images, and video; along with pictures of the finished instrument. You can see this documentation at