Annabel Pettigrew

Susu Laroche herrretics
Susu Laroche herrretics


Realised through Grief, emerging through the veil between the realms of past lives, the places where portals open, where entities lurk, and where daemons manifest, the Truth Mirror exists. A state of mind, a place held of pure truth, where our worst and best selves stare back at each other, where their eyes meet; That place, that sliver of reality, that is where the Truth Mirror rests. Available to us all, should we be enlightened to look for it, the Truth Mirror reflects everything we are back at us. Nothing holds more truth, for it is part of who we are; part of your psyche; Part of your past, your present, your future, detailed plainly without judgement, a pure reflection.

Truth Mirror, 2022.
Performance, character & costume.
Images © Annabel Pettigrew, 2022.